About Us

We have 38 years of combined experience in tutoring SAT/ACT/AP subjects and have taught 5,200+ students over the years. All of our tutors love education, and we’ve all come to enjoy how impactful we make every single one of our tutees’ lives in a short amount of time. We are career educators who love helping our students succeed because tutoring is more than just a job for us—it’s our passion!

What differentiates us from others?

All of our tutors have gone through the US education system and helped students reach the very top margins of everything—1550+ on the SAT, 35+ on the ACT, and 5’s on their AP tests. We have years of experience teaching AP Lit, AP Lang, AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, and more. With schools focusing on STEM or STEAM, the current generation of students has gotten weaker in reading comprehension and writing essays. However, we can make up for this discrepancy, and our proven track record shows our students have become stronger readers and writers with better grades and test scores!

Moreover, because we focus on strategies, we equip students with the skills to solve concepts rather than explain how to figure out certain, specific questions. The skills they learn with us help them in academics even well after they finish their class. Beyond succeeding on their tests, our students gain critical-thinking skills that will set them up for success even in college, and we absolutely love hearing that tests are easy because our students just apply the strategies they learn from us! 

Another plus is our passion. Our tutors work hard with our students because we care and legitimately wish the best for everyone. Often, our tutors get thank you notes and small gifts from past students because when you work with us, you know we go that extra mile to see you succeed. 

Our Team​
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Danielle has a BA in Human Biology from Brown University and a graduate certificate in Data Science from Harvard Extension School. She has several years’ experience tutoring ALL sections of the SAT, ACT, and GRE and has worked at top tutoring companies like Kaplan Inc. Some of her past students have described her as a “Grammar Goddess” who played a tremendous role in perfecting their Grammar and improving their Reading Comprehension. She has helped students achieve as high as 1590 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT. Beyond test prep, Danielle also tutors school math –all middle/high school math up to and including Calculus AB. In addition to her passion for teaching and helping students to achieve their educational goals, she has an interest in public health and has done data analysis and grant writing for healthcare companies.


Eric is a graduate of Tuft University, where he earned his Master’s in Engineering, and Purdue University, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Aeronautic Engineering. Eric is well experienced in instructing a wide range of age groups in Mathematics. He specialized in teaching students from grade school all the way to high school students. With an Engineering background in Aerospace Industry, Eric is also well-equipped to teach Physics courses of all levels. Previously, Eric worked at a Fortune Top 50 company as a Business Analyst and Production Planner. Eric has also been part of multiple venture projects that secured funding up to $4 million USD. Additionally, Eric has been a key member of the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Program that is currently being built and tested in Los Angeles, California. More than a teacher, Eric sees himself as an educator who fosters young minds through critical and creative thinking. He loves helping students discover what drives them. He guides students to develop the unique abilities they need to be successful. And he always encourages students to ask questions and challenge established notions.


Jasmine is a recent Cal Poly graduate, where she majored in Business Administration, concentrated in Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis, and minored in Statistics. During university, Jasmine scored internships at highly sought-after companies including Twitter, Berkeley Lab, Seagate Technology, and more. She now works full-time at Accenture as a Technology Architecture Delivery Analyst in San Francisco. Jasmine has also been admitted to the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where she will begin her MBA in 2025. Jasmine has scored high on the SAT, SAT subject tests, and the GRE. Additionally, she is very experienced and knowledgeable about essay writing for both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 


Carolina Lin graduated from Purdue University, where she majored in Management with a concentration in Consumer Science. During her undergraduate career, Carolina had the opportunities to intern in companies in Chile, Taiwan, China, and the Netherlands. Carolina landed a job as an international trade specialist in the Commercial Office of Peru in Taipei (PROMPERU), where she worked for the Peruvian government in expanding and strengthening the business and trade relations between Taiwan and Peru. 

Carolina has been admitted to the Duke University Fuqua School of Business, where she will begin her MBA with a concentration in Marketing this coming Fall of 2022.


Fred graduated with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Madison and a master’s in Engineering Design & Innovation from Northwestern University. After discovering his passion for design, he attended and graduated from ArtCenter College of Design, a prominent art, and design school. Fred interned at HP and Gensler and joined a start-up called Bould Design. After Fred moved back to his home country, he worked as an Industrial Designer for Asus Computer, and currently working at Ubiquit Inc. From working on commercial products to leading the entire design process, Fred has been designing and changing the technological field. 


Ami graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in political science and a minor in public policy. Since 2015, she has tutored hundreds of students in SAT/ACT/AP/SAT subject/SSAT/ISEE test preparation. She tutors ALL sections of the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE, and her students who struggled with reading comprehension have commented that her expertise and passion pushed them to analyze the text beyond the wats they were taught in school. She has helped students achieve as high as 1590 on the SAT (with perfect essay score), 36 on the ACT (with perfect essay score), and 5’s on various AP tests, but she’s most proud of how her students tell her they hear her voice repeating strategies to them while they’re taking their official test!


Maikel graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Right now, he’s pursuing an MS in Robotics at the University of Maryland as well. He’s a kind and passionate educator, and his students comment on how he helped them stop being afraid of Mth/Physics. Maikel specialized in all math levels through Calculus AB and Physics (1 and C).


Prathinav will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in 2024 with a major in Economics and a double minor in Statistics and Cognitive Science. He worked hard to build an ivy profile and has passed on that knowledge since he graduated high school—tutoring others in SAT/ACT and AP tests. With a perfect ACT score, he knows what it takes and gives the right advice.


Ahryun graduated UC Davis with a double major in English and Classics. Right now, she’s pursuing a masters in teaching along with teaching credentials in English. She’ll be working as a full-time English teacher at a U.S. high school by 2023. She’s a master at grammar and teaching students to think critically while reading.