The Importance of Story-crafting for College

When filling out your application and writing your essays, you really only have 1 goal: to be an interesting individual who colleges want.

Imagine looking at a resume. If a potential job hire has a ton of experience in so many different industries, you think that person has no specialization—maybe that person hasn’t figured out what they want in life. The same assessment happens to college applicants. It’s not about being well-rounded anymore. It’s about defining the person you are and telling a story that connects all of the things you’ve done leading up to the point you’re at now—applying to college.

At Ace, we first start off by helping you craft your story for these two reasons:

1. It centralizes your entire application, connecting things on your application together to make better sense of who you are.

2. Allows admissions officers to connect to you more easily.

3. Adds a personal element to your application (you won’t seem like the thousands of other applicants who apply)

The effects of a story allow for the following:

1. Your character shines throughout your entire application: personal statement, supplemental essay questions, extracurriculars, course selection, etc.

2. Your admissions officer will like you and become your most prominent advocate.

3. Everything you’ve done seems like it was done for a reason

4. You’re an interesting person! (The most important effect)

Whether the story crafting happens while you’re starting your high school journey or at the end of it, we help tie in all the things you’ve done!